The Guvs Guidance – Queue Pushers

I can not express how much I detest people who feel they have a right to jump the queue. Who do these people think they are? Well the Guv is here to put these so called people in their place.

I have a couple of suggestions on how we can help stop people being so rude when they push in the queue.

1¬† – I would like to input some alarm buttons into the checkouts so when people just the queue, those people who wait in line can press this button which will sound an alarm which say “There is an idiot pushing in”. Once the pusher in person is identified a photo is taken and placed on the pusher in wall of shame.

2 РMobile phone device are updated to include a handy help hand (like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) which when selected will taser  the pusher in person as well as move those to the back of the queue.

I personally would love to see either of these put in place and I would back both if they became available on Kickstarter. Something needs to be done to stop these rude people from pissing people off. The only other solution to this would be to shout abuse to them when you see them.


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