Stanblog 3 – religion

    Now I know what you’re thinkin, religion is a dangerous subject for me but you’ll need to bare with me. This will be a shock to most who listen to the show but I like religion!!!


    People that have faith and have that happiness I’m actually jealous of. It’s something I’ll never have. Because of this I believe religion has a very important part to play in society no matter which religion it is.



    What I can’t stand is mother fuckers using religion or religious beliefs to commit atrocities around the world. This doesn’t just happen in countries like Syria which is often in the news. These fucked up acts of stupidity is happening in every country. Even in such great places like the USA where there is mad men and women going around in religious cults committing murder and using their version of God as an excuse. Gives legitimate believers a bad name. I’m truly worried about the planets future purely because of these fucktards and I’m afraid that we are on the verge of a third world war. I hope I’m wrong but surely I can’t be the only worried person.

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts