Stashcast 48 – Lolo Ferrari and Evil Grandpa Joe – Show Notes

Ashbosh is on hand for this weeks introductions with a special shout out for Stan the Man. Stan is having difficulties remembering how long he has been busy for, which has everyone laughing. The Guv is on hand to pull the first episode from the Stashbox.


#1  – Is Grandpa Joe from Willie Wonka evil? ( – Submitted by Daz via Twitter
No one has any idea of this websites existence prior to the card being pulled. The site has some amazing quotes and reasoning behind their hatred of Grandpa Joe. Do the guys agree?

#2 – Capital punishment should be in England. Do you agree or disagree and why? – (Submitted by John via Email)
Stan is desperate to answer this one, does what he have to say surprise anyone?

#3 – Why is it when you are tricked into believing a picture is a woman to find out its a dude, that they always have a giant cock? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is shocked about the question, Stan tries to explain the question which starts an argument about who has and hasn’t watched tranny porn. Stan tells a tell about his experience about his time in the Fighting Cock pub car park.

#4 – When to boobs become too much? see Twitter 32Z – (Submitted by @gmanwhitey via Twitter)
The Guv doesn’t explain the twitter account correctly which causes Jbo to have a difficult time searching for the account. Stan gives a shout out to the shows latest listeners Ashbosh’s parents. Stan thinks the size depends on hand size.
#5 – Heroin Chic – (Submitted by JBo’s Mum)
The Guv is corrected about the question yet again. A call is needed to the Stashcast’s personal female inspector Roy to give his insight on 32Z and heroin chic but what did he have to say?

This weeks story involves a bunch of kids, snow, and an angry bus driver.