JBo Making You Smarter – Fact 2 Koalas

Well I’m back with Fact 2 and it’s another fact about animals this week, this one was brought to my attention by our very own Guv and it’s all about Koalas.

So I was very surprised to learn that it is not uncommon for koalas to have 2 penises. Surprise is probably not really expressing how blown my mind was at this and I had to find out more. First of all if they have 2 penises does the female have 2 vaginas and surprise surprise they do! So when I was looking into this I found that it is not uncommon for marsupials in general to have double genitals or bifurcated penises in the males case (a forked penis). So during sex the male uses both penises with both vaginas not unusual I suppose as they have doubled up, but what happens at birth? Does the female give birth out of both? OH NO! She has a SEPARATE birth canal and the Joeys (baby koalas) are born through that!
Koalas actually nearly became extinct in their homeland of Australia but guess what! They managed to repopulate over a relatively short period of time (not surprising I guess). These days koalas are major icon of Australia and culturally and engrained in our picture of Australia, they are a massive attraction at zoos and there is a huge souvenir market for tourists to Australia.
Overall I think we can all agree that Koalas are pretty cute and cuddly but have a hidden dirty secret!


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