The Guvs Guidance – Street Sellers

Like most females (not all) I love to shop. However one thing which puts me off shopping locally is the endless supply of street sellers/charity hounders.

I understand that times are hard and charities are needing more support, I don’t mind them provided they have bucket to collect money… I have a huge issue with people trying to get sponsors and don’t have the option to donate money. They seem to be missing the point. If people wanted to donate to you, you don’t allow them as you couldn’t be bothered to carry a bucket only leaving the option to collect bank details.

How would I as the Guv solve this problem and allow people to shop in peace? Well I have multiple suggestions for this

1¬† – Everyone not wanting to be annoyed while shopping, wear headphones even if you don’t play any music then people don’t bother to attempt to talk to you.

2 – Introduce a common secret code so when a seller tries to talk to me and I don’t have time a simple wave of the hand signals that I am not interested. This would then prevent them trying to chase you down the street while trying to start a pointless conversation.

3 – Introduce a ban on all sellers who have a proactive selling approach. I have never seen anyone talk to these people for longer than it takes to say I am not interested. Do these people do enough business to cover the hourly rate the seller gets paid? Wouldn’t it be more ideal to have¬† them just have a normal shop where only people interested in your product will walk in?

4 – All charity volunteers should carry a bucket for donations and don’t alienate people who have coin to give you and don’t want to give their personal details to a stranger with a clipboard.

5 – Alternatively some gadget should be invented this sends a shockwave to these people to tell then you are not interested before they even open their mouths.


That’ s my life guidance for this week. As always there is something you would want me to solve however small it maybe please email over your suggestions to