Stanblog 4 – Elections

Hi All,

Hope you’re enjoying my weekly Stanblog. Surprisingly I’m enjoying doing it and had some nice feedback about my thoughts. This week the subject is about elections. Here in the UK we’re building up to the general election which will vote in our next prime minister. That means we’re being constantly battered by stuff that half of us either don’t understand or don’t give a fuck about. The main parties causing us the headaches are

The conservatives – Leader David Cameron


Labour – Leader Edward Miliband


The Liberal Democrats – Leader Nick Clegg


And then you have the new new kid on the block. This nob Nigel Farage leder of UKIP


All of them believe they are right. All of them are also lying bastards but which bastard to vote for??? In a nutshell you have the conservatives who look after the rich and don’t care about the middle class, labour who look after the middle class and take from the rich but took our country into a major recession, Lib Dems who are a mixture of the two but aim to be the students choice and UKIP who are basically racist conservatives. Its a very hard choice and makes you not want to vote. All of them are talking about policies that would help the country but is it enough??? There seems to be this thought that the UK is a great place but in reality the place is pretty shit. We really need to stop thinking its great and actually focus on making it that way. Until we do this we will continue to be miles away from countries like Canada, Germany, Holland, China and Japan. I would even say the US even with all of their current issues with riots and mistrust in the police. Come on Obama get your shit sorted.

I’m not here to persuade someone to vote for a certain party. Your choice is your own but the good news is it will all be over in a couple of weeks so we can end this shit.

Anyhow must dash off. Off to see the Queen. I’m not even taking the piss on that one