Stashcast 49 – Charlie Sheen and Zombies – Show Notes

This weeks show starts with the guys giving a shout out to Ashbosh’s parents and their female inspector friend Roy. Everyone wants him to special guest on the show about from the Guv, who has a valid reason. Stan mentions his good friend Ken which starts a movement to get our listeners to send in selfies with people called Ken. Send your pictures to

#1 – Who would win out of Muhammed Ali and Mick Tyson, both in their prime? – (Submitted by @grayson1985 via Twitter)
Everyone finds which one hard to decide. The Guv is wanting to throw Chris Eubank into the mix. Frank Bruno is described as a British treasure which Stan reminds everyone so was Jimmy Saville. That quickly brings an end to that conversation and the Guv is quick to pick out suggestion number two.Mike-Tyson-001

#2 – What’s the skill you are most proud of? – (Submitted by James B)
Ashbosh has a skill which only the Guv has witnessed. Stan has a couple of crazy skills which will bring a tear to your eye. J-Bo ruins Stan’s skill which causes him to insult himself. Trent the cat makes an appearance which causes everyone to go off topic. J-Bo adds some cheese with his answer.

#3 – Have you seen Sharknado 1 & 2 ? – (Submitted by Morgan via email)
Half the gang hasn’t seen it. The Guv tells the guys not to bother wasting their time as it is time you will never get back.
#4 – Hot Line Miami Game – Right to ban it? – (Submitted by @minimosh via Twitter)
Ashbosh has to explain why the game has been banned as J-Bo and Stan weren’t aware it was banned. Stan begins to panic that the game may be banned in the UK. This is a quick topic with the Guv quickly hitting the bell.
#5 – Could you keep up with Charlie Sheen? – (Submitted by Manny via email) – Card was submitted on 14th April 2015)
The Guv has to clarify the question for J-B0. Stan and Ashbosh think they can drink him under the table but remain defeated when it comes to drug taking. J-Bo tells the guys about his ALS challenge which he thought was a cool idea. After Ashbosh tells the listeners about the Stashcast ALS challenge on YouTube, the Guv hits the bell.

#6 – Have you ever been caught on camera (or put online) in an embarrassing way? – (Submitted by Gaz via Facebook) – Card was submitted on 16th April 2015.
Ashbosh isn’t embarrassed about any of his online videos. J-Bo isn’t aware of him being put online. The guys talk about their time in Amsterdam and how Ashbosh was awkward while in the Red Light District. The Guv shares with the guys Gaz’s own embarrassing video.

For those who hasn’t yet seen, here is the guys Amsterdam video.

#7 – Do you cheat at board games? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo makes the Guv explain why board games are banned in Stashcast HQ. Stan shares stories with how bad Ashbosh is when it comes to playing board games. Ashbosh’s dad also gets a mention. J-Bo is a proud cheater much to the detest of the Guv. Stan has vowed to never play board games again but what did he do to make him say that?

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