AYA 0.3 – Minimosh’s B-day Song!

The Guv will hate me for this. BUT! What the Hell right?

So…. me and L2K (Who has been a guest on the show) were discussing songs that were number one when we were born. I have a classic in Phil Collins & Philip Bailey – Easy Lover! We checked out all the different Countries on the website and were having a laugh at some of the trash that was number 1 in the charts when we were born. THEN! the Guv returned home from work. So we wanted to include her in the game and checked her D.O.B out. We were not disappointed!

The below is now in my mind an all time classic! Number 1 in Germany when the Guv was born I present you with Modern Talking’s timeless classic “Cheri Cheri Lady”. I’m not sure what I love about this the most! Could it be the awesome tune? Modern Talking’s classic 80’s hair styles? How about the insanely awesome music video…Which totally doesn’t look dated. Sorry Guv, I love you. Hell I even worship the ground you walk on. But I have to post this video as it’s unreal. ENJOY!