JBo Making You Smarter – Fact 3 Spies

So hope you’re all back ready for fact 3. This time I thought I would move away from the wonderful world of animals and talk about a subject that intrigues me, Spies.
In World War 2 as you can imagine spies were in there early days as a major part of war but there some interesting stories from World War 2. One of which is the story of a Spanish spy called Joan Pujol Garcia, he approached the allies to join as a spy for them to do something for the good of humanity after learning to loath the fascist and communist regimes in Europe at the time of the Spanish civil war. However both British and American agencies turned down Joan’s help. Undeterred by this he decided to ‘work’ for the Nazis feeding them wrong information and was accepted by the allies after the Nazis spent considerable resources tracking down an allied convoy that didn’t exist.
Joan was that good he set up 27 fictional subordinates with the help of his MI5 handler and they were receiving wages from the Nazis and Joan and MI5 were even submitting expenses for these fake agents. Now you’d think that the Nazis would have cottoned on but they didn’t, a mixture of fake info, low level info and high level info just a little too late meant that the Nazis rewarded him with the Iron cross and because he was such a good spy we awarded him the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.
So I think you can all agree an all-round good spy, nothing on James Bond with all his gadgets though!


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