Stanblog 5 – Beards

Hi all,

Once again your lives must be very boring and unfulfilled that you’ve decided to read me write and rant about random things. I’m kidding!!! Obviously you’re cool as fuck.


This week I want to talk about beards. Its a very sore subject for me. Unfortunately I’ve not been blessed with the ability to grow one. Jbo has the same issue but that’s only because he’s only recently started puberty. The kids got time to change. I’d love to grow a big ginger one like this cool mother fucker


But instead I get it growing purely on my neck and not on my face. I mean what the fuck is that all about??? Even some women can do a better job than me!


Things have to change!!! Someone needs to develop a miracle grow for your face. The world needs to see a big bushy ginger beard on this sexy bastard