Stashcast 50 – Madonna and the Penguin Parade – Show Notes

The guys are back for another episode of the Stashcast podcast. After the welcome round of introductions, the Guv pulls out the first suggestion from the Stashbox.

#1 – Starbucks or Costa – (Submitted by @grayson1985 via Twitter)
Ashbosh isn’t fan of either and prefers another coffee brand which starts an agruement between the crew about how you pronounce Bureau de change. Stan has a rant regarding the eat in tax. starbucks-vs-costa-500x197

#2 – Limes, coconuts…song stuck in Ashbosh’s head – (Submitted by J-Bo)
Guv isn’t impressed with this being suggested as she knows Ashbosh will be singing it for the rest of the day. Ashbosh shares the song as Stan isn’t familiar with it.

#3 – Madonna, Skank or sex icon? – (Submitted by Niall via
The Guv fucks up the question which engages Ashbosh. The crew have mixed opinions on thisĀ  one. Bruce Jenner and Jon Jones even get a mention.
#4 – If you were food and you ate yourself would you get fatter or would you perosh? – (Submitted by Roy, Grayson and Jolene via been in the Stashbox since 24th April 2015.
J-Bo gets into his web series and gives the guys a random fact about embreyo’s. Ashbosh takes the question a step further by asking about charging his power bar by it’s own power. The Guv presses the bell to0 early for everyones liking.
#5 – Coolest woman to have been on the planet – (Submitted by @Grayson1985 via Twitter)
Ashbosh’s ass makes an appearance when answering this one. Stan has a bizarre response, Ashbosh gives his mother a shout out. Everyone reminds Stan of the time he described a breast as a boiled sweet.
This week’s story involves the penguin parades, feet and biting.


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