Jbo Making You Smarter – Fact 4 Ash’s Worst Nightmare

Welcome back everyone for fact number 4. This week I thought I would link in with the show and tell you all about an island off the coast of Greece called Ikaria Island and then tell you about the island of Yap.

Now you might ask what’s so special about this island and why would it be Ashbosh’s worst nightmare, well the island is often called ‘the island where people forget to die’. 6/10 people that live there are over the age of 90! They don’t do anything special but it seems the diet they have and the terrain they live in sets them up for long life!

grim repaer

I’m thinking ash might want to make this island into his world famous ‘old man island’

On the topic if islands the island of yap in Micronesia uses Rai stones as currency, these stones can be huge and the largest is 12ft in diameter, 1.5ft thick and 4 metric tons in weight!

rai stones

So hope you all enjoyed my little facts about islands and remember anything you think would be good for the crew to talk about submit on the website or by any of our social media or even email suggestions@stashcast.com, if you have something you want me to find out a cool fact about email me at jbo@stashcast.com.