Stanblog 6 – Stupid people

Welcome to another fun-filled, excitement driven, orgasmic given posting of the stanblog brought to you by sexy Stan Hanley (That’s the wrestling name given to me by Petty boy Roy)


Our tag team is called Ginger Jew

Now onto the subject in hand and its something that bugs the fucking life out of me. Now don’t get me wrong we all do stupid things and yes that includes me. It’s natural to be stupid from time to time. Take Bill Clinton as an example. He stupidly jizzed on a womans dress which proved he had an affair. That was purely stupid. The clever thing would have been to test to see if she swallowed.


The reason it annoys me so much is in a lot of cases it’s not needed. For example I had some daft cow reverse into the front of my car a couple of days ago because she stupidly didn’t look in her mirrors. Who the fuck doesn’t look whats behind them when driving??? Thankfully no damage was done and I refrained from getting out and jamming my shoe into her clam. But that’s just one of many stupid things that I and many others have to deal with on a regular basis and its nothing compared to some of the stupid fucking idiots that have been and are in a position of power or fame.

My top 5 list


Saddam Hussein – Everyone knows what a tosser he was


Kim Jong Un – Who allegedly ordered the execution of one of his generals this past week with an anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep during a meeting. What the fuck Kim??? Give your head a shake.


Hitler – Could be argued that he was stupid just because of the tash but was born in Austria and wanted to create a German Aryan race with looks and features that he didn’t have. I love the Germans but even they have to admit that, that was fucking stupid. (Roy’s not a fan)


Jeremy Kyle – Can’t be compared to the rest but I hate his stupid face


Jar Jar Binks – Why George why?????

But the one thing that has boiled my piss the most recently in terms of stupidness is the UK voting this daft twat back in


For fuck sake