Stashcast 51 – Phil Collins and A Groovy Kind of Ken – Show Notes

Ashbosh is on hand to give this week’s round of introductions. A quick chat about food and cinema then it’s time for the Guv to dip her hand into the Stashbox for this week’s first topic.

#1 – Blokes tricked into chatting up other blokes via Tinder  – (Submitted by Adam)
The Guv fails to read the card much to the Ashbosh’s annoyance. J-Bo struggles to read his own handwriting to understand some of the code written on the card. Stan asks the guys from some life advice about lipstick.

#2 – Best Twitter hashtag – (Submitted by @MiniMosh via Twitter)
Stan never uses Twitter so doesn’t have one. Ashbosh reminds everyone of the time when you could read a description of what the hashtag is about. J-Bo needs to do some research before he can answer.
#3 – Swidish scientists have decoded wooly mammoth DNA to bring back from the dead. Is it a positive or negative thing? – (Submitted by The Lesbian) Been in the Stashbox since 24-04-15
We have missed reviews on this one. Concerns of our eco system and a jurassic park type event dominates the answers.
#4 – Who is better Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins? – (Submitted by @gmanwhitey via Twitter)
This one goes off topic when the Guv explains that Phil Collins was number 1 when Ashbosh was born. J-Bo and Stan do a quick search to find out who was number 1 when they were born.

#5 – Would you have an affair if after it happens your mind is erased? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
The guys are not impressed by this question and the point of why anyone would. Guv tries to save the question by amending the context however it’s not long before a full blown argument is underway.
A phone call is needed to Alex week but does it end like Stan wants it too?