Jbo Making You Smarter – Fact 5 Space part 1

Happy Wednesday people and welcome back for fact number 5! To commemorate the 5th fact I figured I would do a 2 parter and that it would all be about Space. Now I think it easy for us all to say how awesome, scary and humbling space is for instance I wonder if you know that we are only aware of 14 black holes in space? I didn’t and was surprised cause anything sci-fi set in space normally references one. Now I’m sure there are more as space is infinite and there has to be considering there are an estimated 70 sextillion stars (just to put that in context its 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)!!!


Astronauts are just inherently cool, no one can say otherwise as let’s be honest they’ve travelled as far as is humanly possible right now and that’s amazing in itself, however did you know they can’t burp in space? I didn’t. I also didn’t know that that due to the lack of gravity the astronauts can gain 2 inches in height and their spines elongate up to 3 percent, it’s kind of similar to when we wake up on a morning as we are slightly taller at the start of the day.


Astronauts have also told us what space smells like, now you might think what the hell am I going on about as you can’t breathe in space but I’m sure the smell lingers, so apparently it’s a mix of hot metal, welding fumes and seared steak.

The astronauts little home away from home in space the ISS (International space station) travels at a blistering 17,500 mph and is about as ‘roomy’ as a five bedroom house. What more could you ask for at a small $150billion. I suppose the fact you get to see 15 sunsets and sunrises everyday might make up for it.


Well that’s it for this week.  I hope you all enjoyed my facts about Space and don’t forget that they’ll be more next week. As always remember that anything you think would be good for the crew to talk about please submit on the website or by any of our social media or even email suggestions@stashcast.com, if you have something you want me to find out a cool fact about email me at jbo@stashcast.com.