Stanblog 7 – Fifa

Firstly I have to say sorry that there was no Stanblog last week. Completely forgot about it. Really busy as of late with work so I’ll try my best to carry on updating you weekly. As a present for not doing one last week here’s a free present


Don’t worry ladies I’ve not forgotten about you. I’m not sexist. Here’s my gift for you below


So I’ve been racking my brains about what to speak about and the main topic that’s in the news currently is FIFA.


Here at the Stashcast we’re all fans of football. Yes it is football and not soccer. They actually kick the ball with their feet. For my sins I’m a huge Leeds United fan whereas Ash and Nicola are big Aston Villa fans. I have no idea why as they are both northern but I’m not going to knock their choice. In fact at the point of this coming out Aston Villa will be playing in the FA cup final against Arsenal. Good luck to Villa. Will be nice to see them win. As for JBO he kind of likes it but not bothered either way.

The reason for Fifa being in the news is to do with something we have all known for years. They’re a corrupt organisation!!! This was highlighted when 8 Fifa officials were arrested this week on suspicion of corruption. Basically they took money allegedly for their influence in world cup bidding. What astounds me the most is that its taking this long to prove it after years of accusations against Fifa being thrown against them. It’s happened far to often for it to be purely conspiracy theories!!!

Then we come to this nob jockey Sepp Blatter.


It blows my mind how this douche is still in charge. He’s clinging on to his job like cancer does to the human body. Refusing to walk away when no one wants him in charge other than the corrupt element of Fifa and various world football governing bodies. Can anyone say he’s done a good job? The answer is no!!!

Football is hugely popular worldwide. It’s the game itself that attracts people to it and this then attracts big sponsors. This wasn’t Sepp’s doing but he’ll try and take credit for it. The world cup is a fantastic competition and no other sport can match it for popularity other than maybe the Olympics. Because football is so popular and it attracts the people it just keeps getting bigger and bigger as new generations are born. This would be the case no matter who was in charge. The role of the Fifa President should be to stop the game coming into disrepute. Things like Fifa officials being arrested for corruption should never happen especially when it is so many of them and also not for the first time whilst he’s been in charge.

Now although this angers me greatly there is more than this that annoys me about Fifa. The game of Football is for the people, the fans or the everyday folk of this planet. So it boils my piss when a big tournament comes along like the world cup and half the crowd aren’t supporters of either team. A large percentage of the people there are Fifa officials getting freebies. I can understand sponsors getting tickets and boxes for the matches as in reality they are actually paying for them but Fifa officials don’t get one or two tickets, they get several. Not only that but they have been caught selling them to make a 100% profit. How can this be allowed to happen? This is just one of many things that proves that Fifa and the people in charge of it haven’t got a single ounce of common sense amongst them. I’m not a clever person but fuck me are they taking the piss?

Here’s some more boobs to cheer me up


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