Stashcast 53 – Barack Obama and the Crappuccino – Show Notes

Ash starts the episode stating some cool equation however gets confused by the math. Stan tries to save the day by telling an old school joke which quickly leads to a tale about a teacher falling from a window.

#1 – What’s the oddest thing that’s ever happened to you? – (Submitted by James B)
This suggestion gets the guys thinking even the Guv would struggle to answer it. The Guv poses a question which then leads to more confusion. J-Bo struggles to answer the question, so the Guv press the bell.
#2 – If you could shit in someone’s kettle who’s kettle would you shit in? – (Submitted by Anonymous)

Ashbosh and JBo both mention someone who they have hated on, on a previous episode. Stan gives a controversial answer which surprises no-one.
i_dont_give_a_crappuccino_shot_glass#3 – Diet Coke or Coke Life ? – (Submitted by J-Bo)
J-Bo is the only one who has actually tried the drink. The Guv gives a suggestion to why Coke Life hasn’t been selling well, much to Ashbosh’s annoyance. The Guv then goes on a rant about her dislike for Coca Cola company.
#4 – Wet Socks. Not so bad or Satan’s curse upon mankind? – (Submitted by Niall via Submission Page on
This one quickly goes off topic to the guys love for Olbas Oil and people who wear it as purfume. Stan makes a random comment about his love for unique smells which have the guys concerned about solvant abuse. A quick story about a recent trip to see the Foo Fighters and a rat attacking a bag.