Stashcast 56 – Brad Pitt and the Mammary Glands

The Guv is on hand for this weeks introduction and it’s not long before the first topic is pulled from the Stashbox.

#1 – D&G vs Elton John. Who was right? – (Submitted by James via email)
Some explanation is needed as no one knows anything about this topic. It’s not long until the chat goes off topic to bionic arms, wanking and the woman who doesn’t know her race.

#2 – Boobs – (Submitted by @DarrenRickerby via Twitter)
Ashbosh thinks this subject is right up Stan’s street, everyone knows Stan loves boobs! This topic goes slightly off topic by the mention of top shelf magazines and people publicly printing intimate photos.
#3 – Brad Pitt, good or bad? – (Submitted by Evan via Email)
The guys start off by naming all their favourite Brad Pitt movies, but do they forget his best role yet? You can’t mention Brad without Jen but somehow even Ed Sheeran gets involved.
#4 – What’s on your sex playlist? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Spotify is needed for some suggestions, whiles JBo is searching for recommendations Stan tells everyone about how he got stuck on the toilet due to a game.

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