Stashcast 57 – Jurassic Balls – Show Notes

J-Bo is on hand for this week’s round of introductions which leads into suggestions for this weeks episode name. Two cocks and a cunt being one of them. Ashbosh reminds everyone that the title choice is too explicit so Jbo and the Guv try and star out some of the letters. Stan gives a suggestion of PornCast which then leads down a conversation about if they already exist.

#1 – Would you rather be in a real version of the Walking Dead or Jurassic Park? – (Submitted by The Lesbian) Dated: 24th April
Ashbosh is pleased with the suggestion as he has an article from the Chive which he wants to talk about. Stan gets confused about the website and thinks it where women offer themselves for sex.
#2 – What country have you visited and hated? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh isn’t a fan of France, while J-Bo loves it. Stan has never been to a country he hated however his trip to Detroit didn’t leave him impressed with the state of the cars.
small_old school pimp my ride
#3 – Thug Life Videos – (Submitted by J-Bo)
J-bo tells the guys about how he lost some of his day due to watching these videos. Stan hasn’t seen some of the videos so YouTube is needed.

Stan tells the guys about some new condoms which are being sold in Wilkinson’s, with the packaging being the best bit.
0348658_l#4 – Which Friend character are you? – (Submitted by @MiniMosh on Twitter)
Ashbosh sets a rule that everyone has to pick a character for each other. Everyone quickly says the Guv is Monica. The Guv tells the guys about a conversation with Roy as everyone thought he was Ross, but a friend quiz turns out he is Janice. A quick phone call to Roy to find out why he was a Ross.
#5 – Describe a kick in the balls, using only metaphors – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh and Stan give graphic answers. J-Bo struggles to answer other than say it’s lick a kick in the balls. Ashbosh tells the guys about a recent UFC event where the fighter vomited after being kicked in the balls. The Guv tells the guys about company which allows guys to go and experience contractions in the stomach which simulates childbirth. Ashbosh wants someone to invent balls for a woman so they can experience a kick in the balls.

If any of our male listeners have a metaphor to describe a kick in the balls, send it over via social media or email