Stashcast 58 – Conspiracy Theories and Guilty Pleasures – Show Notes

Stan is on hand with this weeks round of introductions. Ashbosh tries to come up with a unique, yet slightly disturbing,  way to keep cool in the summer heat. The Guv is on hand to pull the first suggestion from the stashbox.

#1 – What is your favourite album of all time, everyone MUST answer – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan is quick to answer this one. Ashbosh kindly reminds everyone of a crap song from the 90’s which J-Bo had never heard of. Once you have heard it once, you will remember is forever!

#2 – What is your guilty pleasure? – (Submitted Anonymously via Email) – Dated: 2nd July
It doesn’t take the guys long to answer this one with answers ranging from takeaways to Twilight.
#3 – Conspiracy theories – (Submitted by @FLHuzzah via Twitter)
Ashbosh tells the guys about a documentary on Youtube on the 7/7 bombings. J-Bo seen recently that the International Space Station has turned off the cameras due to UFO type shapes in space. The conversation quickly goes off topic to space debris and the damage which maybe caused if frozen poo makes it through the atmosphere.
#4 – Would you say you had any addictions? What are they? – (Submitted by Shaun via Facebook)
Stan come under fire for his recent addiction to a phone game. Ashbosh has a unique addiction to ice cubes. The Guv doesn’t believe she has one however the guys are quick to list many things she is addicted too.
#5 – What weapon would you use in a zombie apocalypse and why? – (Submitted by @Grayson1985 via Twitter)
Some varied suggestions from an axe, a chainsaw, a sword and a tank. Stan and J-Bo get excited about an up and coming trip to Edinburgh which leads Ashbosh and The Guv down memory lane.

If you have any suggestions for the Stashbox then comment below or email