AYA 0.6 – Kung Fury

I love you. Yeah you heard it. I love you. I love you all. I know i’m not very consistent with these at the minute but their are genuine reasons why you see weeks at a time where I don’t bless your life with a brilliant YouTube video. However when I gift you a great video, I honestly believe I deliver like a BOSS!

So this week is a video that was mentioned to me by my friend Anth. He loves cheesy films just as much as I do. Apparently this film started as a kickstarter project. I care not how it came to be, all I care about is it’s possibly one of the greatest movies ever made and it only lasts 31 minutes. So get a drink, some snacks, sit back and enjoy this adrenaline fuelled cliché fest of a film made to look like an awesome 80’s classic. You can thank me later!

P.S. Hasselhoff makes the f#@king official song for the film!!!!