Stashcast 59 – Thug Life – Show Notes

Ashbosh is on hand for this weeks introductions, although J-Bo is quick to correct him when he screws up. The Guv comes up with an idea to name the episode before it is recorded although no-one agreed. Ashbosh uses the intro this week to break some bad news to the Guv. Not being impressed with the news, she drips into the Stashbox so this weeks first suggestion.

#1 – Why is Middlesbrough called Boro when its says Brough? – (Submitted by @DarrenRickerby via Twitter)

Ashbosh tries his best to mess up the question being asked with his best Thug Life impression, much to the Guvs annoyance. Somehow this topic leads to a conversation about monthly cinema memberships.
#2 – Best multiplayer game but non PC – (Submitted by Anonymous)
This one was difficult for the guys to answer but it does provide a quick trip down memory lane for Stashcast gaming videos.

#3 – Would you rather be a millionaire and die in 75 years or be immortal and never rich? – (Submitted by John via Email)
This question has the guys divided and Ashbosh trying to sell his opinion to everyone but do they change their mind?
#4 – What are your thoughts on marmite? – (Submitted by Alex via Email)
J-Bo fails to understand the marketing campaign. Stan takes this opportunity to ask a serious question about whether you butter toast before you put on chocolate spread, but this goes off topic over how many slices of toast you have for breakfast.
#5 – What’s sexier belly buttons or nostrils? – (Submitted by @Gmanwhitey via Twitter)
Ashbosh tries to give an explanation on why he chose his answer. Guv offer to show the guys a funny video of her pregnant belly button which everyone declines to watch. It’s not long before the bell is rang.