Stashcast 61 – Hulk Hogan and the Fish Stick – Show Notes

J-Bo gives this weeks round of introductions which quickly leads into a conversation about Ashbosh’s professional work attitude and some inappropriate  things he does while at work. The Guv gives a suggestion for some musical intros which doesn’t go down well. The guys had a game of Trials Fusion before the recording so a conversation about gaming and a quick promo for the Playstation Store all follow before the Guv picks out this weeks first suggestion.

#1 – What is your most embarrassing moment? – (Submitted by John via Email)
The guys are quick to remind The Guv that we have had this one before, but that doesn’t stop them from reliving the awful memories. The Guv gets on a defensive thanks to Ashbosh telling everyone her embarrassing moment. Somehow this conversation starts a debate between the boys about who shampoo’s their pubes.
#2 – You know you are going to die in 72 hours, what would you do in your last 3 days? – (Submitted by John via Email) Dated: 13th July
Stan has a controversial (surprising!) answer for this one. Ashbosh confuses everyone with his suggestion after the Guv wouldn’t tell the guys how they would die. Further clarification is needed by The Guv who decides to give up on the question all together after Ashbosh suggests Arnie dies.
#3 – What is your favourite lyric from a song – (Submitted by @MiniMosh via Twitter)
J-Bo isn’t happy that the Guv submits questions which takes alot of thinking. Stan is quick to give his answer. J-Bo can’t decide on just one. The Guv decides to give a short musical performance with one of the guys favourite Eminem lyrics. During this question the guys take away arrives but what does Stan get all defensive about?

This weeks story involves cycling, France, a train and some sportsmen pissing.

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