Stashcast 63 – Birthday Gifts for the Boys – Show Notes

Ashbosh has to jump into a google search to show everyone who Rocky Dennis is. Gifts were given to Stan and J-Bo for their recent birthdays. Stan is given the task of searching for a quote from the book he has just been gifted while the Guv dips into the Stashbox.

#1 – If you could change your name what you would change it to and why? – (Submitted by Lorraine)
Ashbosh shares with everyone his prank telephone name. J-Bo becomes distracted by Stan’s book before he has a chance to answer the question. The guys complain about the number of names the Guv uses. Somehow the topic goes onto a conversation about a guy with a monocle.
#2  – What is the podcast tagline? – (Submitted by @Hefty_Fine via Twitter)
J-Bo likes the question and thinks we have discussed this before. Stan tries to get racism involved after everyone disses his first suggestion. Ashbosh provides the new tagline for the show so the Guv presses the bell.
#3 – What would your funeral song be? – (Submitted by Petty Boy Roy)
J-Bo and Stan share a recent conversation about this topic. Ashbosh doesn’t like the topic suggestion but decides to play a Slayer song for the fun of it. J-Bo suggests a Viking service for Ashbosh which appeals to not only him.

#4 – Your house will be blown up in 2 minutes, you can rescue 5 items what would they be? – (Submitted by John via
Guv sets some ground rules so you have to take all 5 things which you can carry out at once. Ashbosh and J-Bo struggle to decide their fifth option.  The Guv gives her  suggestions which is far different from the guts answers.
This weeks story involves a trip to a bar, wrestlers, a bag and a skittle affect.