Stashcast 67 – Narcoleptic Goats – Show Notes

Stan gets confused on this week’s introduction and tries to talk Ashbosh into doing the introductions each week. L2K is here this week as the keeper of the Stashbox. Stan tells the guys how he wants a pipe to match his flat cap. A quick discussion on e-cigarettes flavours takes place before this week’s first suggestion.

#1 – Would you give a homeless person CPR? – (Submitted by Lauren via email)
The Guv and Ashbosh have a disagreement after The Guv doesn’t agree with what Ashbosh has to say. Stan sides with the Guv which causes Ashbosh and J-Bo to throw in a banana comment.
#2 – Narcoleptic Goats – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Ashbosh is on Google duty this week and a quick search leads us to this video.

#3 – How could you describe an Indian or a Chinese man to a blind person? – (Submitted by John via Email)
Everyone looks to Stan to get the ball rolling on this one. Ashbosh does his best to get Stan into trouble. Would his description help a blind person?
#4 – If you can one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? – (Submitted by Mason via Email)
L2K changes the question slightly by asking the guys what their final meal be. A couple of examples were given from real last meal requests such as a bucket of sand. Everyone has various answers for this one but do they care about the aftermath?
Stan’s story this week involves his dog, mam, pets and hopes for the future.