Stashcast 69 – Tales of Faeces – Show Notes

The Guv starts the show by sharing with everyone her thoughts on Stan. Stan tries to explain himself but no-one is having his poor excuses. As usual Stan blames J-Bo for everyone but is left speechless when The Guv reminds everyone of the time Stan farted and pretended it was someone else. It’s not long before the Guv pulls out this weeks first suggestion.

#1 – Caitlyn Jenner. Is it right to celebrate Father’s Day? – (Submitted by Anonymous via Email)
Some interesting suggestions for this one. It’s not too long before Stan goes off on one about how he is trying to get J-Bo banned by Twitter. Bananas are once again mentioned and a reference to Axel Foley is given. Is Stan’s hatred of banana’s justified?
#2 – Which would you prefer, never have sex or never find true love? – (Submitted by Mason)

Unsurprisingly most of the guys choose the same answer. Ashbosh suggests different answer’s maybe given if females were asked.
#3 – If you had to pick one celeb to get beaten up, which one celeb would you pick and who would beat them up? – (Submitted by Roy)
J-Bo hatred of John Travolta is mentioned again but can you guess who he would get to beat him up?  I don’t think anyone would be surprised with everyone’s suggestions on this one as the guys have been every vocal of their dislike for certain celebrities.

#4 – If you had a fight to the death with no weapons, who do you think would win? – (Submitted by Alex via Email)
The Guv confirms this question is about the Stashcast crew which leads to everyone thinking tactically about each others strong points. The Guv likens herself to a ninja. Stan believes size is key. Who do you think would win?
fight-to-the-death#5 – What would be written on your headstone? – (Submitted by John via
Some controversial suggestions are given for Stan’s headstone much to his dislike.  Stan seeks advice from a policeman about his racist remarks. The Guv and Stan get into a disagreement about how mean Stan has been to the Guv. The bell is needed before a war starts out between these two.

#6 – If you had to do one sex act out of the following which one would you do any why? Tarmacking, Frosting and Blumpkin? – (Submitted by Stu-E)
Ashbosh suggests everyone picks an answer before a search of Google. Two different answers where given with no-one going for Bumpkin. The Guv recommends Google images are not used. Stan is in shock at some of the descriptions.

#7 – What’s more comfy new carpets or new slippers? – (Submitted by @Grayson1985 via Twitter)
This one quickly goes off topic with the mention of J-Bo’s mam and everyone getting blames for J-Bo’s actions. The Guv is the only one who loves slippers. J-Bo hates the thought of single toe socks. Stan shocks everyone with a story about how he speared himself at work.

Thank you everyone for this week’s suggestions. If you have anything you would like the guys to discuss on next week’s episode then send your suggestions/questions via the Submit button on the top of our website. Alternatively you can contact us via our social media pages or email us at