Stashcast 71 – L’épisode sur le pantalon de guitare – Show Notes

J-Bo gives a banana filled introduction to this week’s episode much to Stan’s annoyance. Ashbosh asks for the guys thoughts on a recent banana porn related picture he shared with everyone, before demanding the Guv press the bell to start off this week’s topics.

#1 – Which actor do you hate the most? – (Submitted by Alex via Email)
The Guv suggests everyone dresses up as John Travolta for Halloween since J-Bo is such a big fan of his. Ashbosh struggles for an actor he hates so much and calls on the Guv for help. Everyone is not impressed with The Guv choice.
#2 – If vegetables made noises, what noises would they make? – (Submitted by Lisa Miles Hernandez Gomez)
Ashbosh turns this into a game which involves impersonations of random vegetables chosen by The Guv. A pokemon reference brings everyone onto one of their favourite videos on Youtube.

A repeat question gets pulled out from last week shows which is aimed directly at J-Bo but how does he handle it?

#3 – Name 3 things you would request for your dressing room if you were famous – (Submitted by John via Email)
J-Bo makes a point of having items which will solely annoy Stan. Ashbosh needs context set around how famous he is before he can decide what he would want. Suggestions of a famous dog, blue skittles, Will Farrell, a hog roast and banana scent are given.
This week’s story involves a day trip, a meat pack, Stan’s mam and a hearse.

Thank you for all the suggestions this week. If you have a topic or question you want to ask the guys then send over your suggestions to or click the submit button on our homepage!