The Guvs Guidance – Food Banks

I always thought Food Banks were American and it wasn’t until a recent conversation with my sister that I was informed there were food banks right here in England.
A quick google search of my postcode found one right on my door step. Recent statistics shocked me at the number of people who need something as basic as food right here in England.

These charities rely on members of the public donating tinned food so food packages can be provided to people who are in need of food.

Next time you do your weekly shop, think about buying a couple extra tins and dropping them off at your local food bank. A couple of tins of food could cost as little as £1 and would mean helping someone have a meal they otherwise would have not had.

There are a number of different charities which help run food banks. Check out the links below to find a food bank near you.
Trussell Trust


The Foodstore Network

Send us your pictures of items you have donated to your local food bank. We will share with you items which we have donated.

Help stop people going hungry! #DoGood