Stashcast 74 – The Marshmallow Challenge – Show Notes

Stan tries his best to not mess up this week’s intro but doesn’t manage past 3 seconds before everyone is in fits of laughter. Regular suggestion giver, Grayson is this weeks keeper of the Stashbox. A discuss on shoe sizes takes place before this weeks first suggestion is pulled out of the Stashbox.

#1 – Have you ever seen Quentin Tarantino and Roger Federer in the same room? – (Submitted by @grayson1985 via Twitter)
Ashbosh is on hand for a google search. Stan has to interrupt the conversation about the look-a-likes to talk about his confusion over the Unique condom which is the worlds thinnest condom.
#2 – How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? – (Submitted by Nic)
The Guv is excited that this one has been pulled out of the box. Stan chickens out of the challenge as he doesn’t like marshmallows but Grayson is happy to step in. Who is the Marshmallow challenge winner with a total of 14!
#3 – Creepy Men/Women – (Submitted by Jordan)
This one quickly returns to the creepy man watching Ashbosh through the window with Roy getting a mention. J-Bo believes creepy women are always old which makes the guys ask Stan about he women in his village. Stan tells of his dislike of people sending him pictures of banana’s on a weekly basis which leads Ashbosh to tell of his dislike of banana protectors.
This weeks story involves a shopping trip, a packet of condoms, some unclean children and a confused woman.