Stashcast 75 – Rectum Spectacular – Show Notes

The Guv is back this week to open up the show. Ashbosh cuts her off before she is able to give everyone a personal introduction. The guys think it’s a good idea to test The Guv on her new Buddhist lifestyle.

#1 – What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? – Submitted by @Hefty_Fine via Twitter
J-Bo thinks he can answer for everyone so the The Guv amends the question slightly to be the most non essential purchase. The geekiness of the guys answers are unlikely to surprise anyone. Stan remembers The Guv and Ashbosh moving houses and their original TV stand gets a mention.

#2 – Pepsi mobile phone, would you buy? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Everyone is quick of the mark to answer this one. A quick look on Google gives the impression of a more mobile theme rather than manufacturer but one of the guys are impressed enough to consider buying one.
#3 – One Man One Jar – (Submitted by Mason on 2nd July 2015)
The Guv begs for the volume to be turned off. Stan and J-Bo don’t want to wash. Ashbosh does a good job on commentating on the video to prevent the viewer’s from having to watch this awful video. Stan tries to change the subject by sharing the below picture with everyone.

#4 – When is Stu-E showing up on the show? I am your biggest fan! – (Submitted by Stu-E via
Ashbosh tells the guys of a story Stu-E shared about a guy who crapped himself and had to wear a jumper as trousers! Stu-E you are welcome anytime!
#5 – A guy with no butt crack – (Submitted by J-Bo)
J-Bo is confused about why he has submitted this suggestion. The Guv and Stan are confused by the picture they are seeing. The photo leaves so many questions which no-one knows the answers to. If you know the answer to any, then please email us!
#6 – Elephant verse Hippo, Who you think? – (Submitted by Ashbosh)
Ashbosh laughs at the question until he realises he was the one who wrote the question. He also believes the answers depend on how the fight started out. Stan struggles to think of anything other than the man who’s arse rained blood.

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