Stashcast 76 – 2555 Days Until Stan’s Prostate Check – Show Notes

Ashbosh giving this weeks introduction. Stan is ill this week suffering from man flu. It’s the Guv’s 30th birthday and J-Bo comes baring gifts and cake. The Guv tells the guys about her Foo Fighter tattoo which links into the vinyl she has been given for her birthday. After the birthday celebrations, it’s time for this weeks first suggestion.

#1 – Someone or something you miss from childhood any why? – (Submitted by Lauren via Facebook)
The Guv amends the question so the guys have to name one of each. Stan’s guitar pants gets another mention.  J-Bo wants to bring back a controversial character for Stan.

#2 – Would you rather use sandpaper for toilet paper or hot sauce for eye drops? – (Submitted by Anonymous on 20th April 2015)
Further clarification is needed on how frequent you would need to use them before decision could be made. Stan’s poor toilet hygiene is uncovered with his unusual use of a bidet.
#3 – WWE named a new group Submission Sorority which just so happens to be a porn site, was it a mistake or clever marketing? – (submitted by John via email)
Stan seems to think it was a mistake since the group is no longer named that anymore. Ashbosh hasn’t heard of the group before. Everyone is under agreement that the name was poor to begin with.
#4 – Kanye West for President! – (Submitted by Anonymous)
The comparison of himself as the new Jesus is enough for everyone to think he is stupid. Kanye’s recent comments about his wife then leads to a conversation around her sex tape while causes more trouble for Stan.
#5 – What 3 wishes would you want wished upon you at birth? – (Submitted by @minimosh via Twitter)
The Guv sets context based on the movie sleeping beauty. Stan struggles to answer this one without changing his answers. Last weeks episode is still haunting Stan so much so he is giving our listeners a word of advice.
#6 – If you talk to 15 year old you, what piece of advice would you give yourself? – (Submitted by Anonymous)
Stan thinks of things he could have invented. The Guv shocks everyone with her coffee drinking antics. Boris the Buddha gets a mention which leads onto a conversation about people who look like cartoon characters.
If you have anything you would like the guys to discuss on next week’s show then comment on this post or email