The Guvs Guidance – Special Effect – The Gamer’s Charity

My good friend Roy recently went to a fundraising event, which was raising funds and awareness of the gaming charity Special Effect.

As an avid gamer and lover of helping people he thought it would be a perfect charity for this weeks Guv’s Guidance – Thanks Roy!

I recently watched an episode of Ted Talks where a lady created a game which helped her recover from an illness as well as depression and like I mentioned earlier I love to play games and I would dread the thought/possibility of never having the chance to play a game again so Special Effect is a charity which helps make sure that doesn’t happen.

The do some amazing work to help modify/create controllers so people with physical disabilities can continue playing the game they love.

Head over to their website for more information on the wonderful work they do and see how you can help them.

You can also follow them on Twitter @specialeffect – Give them a follow and retweet to help raise awareness!