Stashcast 81 – Not Even Snow Can Stop Us – Show Notes

J-Bo is this week’s host and is feeling lost as we are a ginger man down for this weeks show as Stan is unable to get to Stashcast HQ due to the extreme weather conditions taking over the UK. L2K is here to fill in.

#1 – What is the first CD you bought? – (Submitted by Alex via Email)
This one gets everyone thinking as it’s been along time since the team have bought CD’s. Answers are given include Black Sabbath to Kylie Minogue. One of the guys had to lie to a relative based on a music CD but was it worth lying about?

#2 – What is your favourite Michael Jackson song? – (Submitted by Roy on the 7th November via Email)
Ashbosh is on hand to provide some demo’s via iTunes. L2K answer is bias while The Guv thinks the best way to decide is by picking a number. Was Scream a Michael or Janet song? The guys struggle to decide.

#3 – How far would you go on a first date? – (Submitted by Matt)
With some suggesting the aim is to make it all the way, Ashbosh likes to remember all about his and The Guv’s first date.
#4 – Walk on the Wildside – (Submitted by Jamie R via YouTube)

#5 – Felicity Smoak /Emily Bett Rickards or Patty Spivot/Shantel Yvonne VanSanten – (Submitted by Roy via Email)
L2K thinks this one is a hidden joke by Roy because he knew the Guv would mess up the question! Google is needed on this one as no-one knows who they are!
#6 – New Mini or Old Mini – (Submitted by Anonymous)
J-Bo ran out of out normal card for suggestions so this one was put on paper which caught Ashbosh’s attention. The Guv gets confused over the terminology when describing the car.

MINI on Rallye Monte Carlo Historique. MINI WRC meets 1968 Cooper S (02/2011).

#7 – Sinkholes – (Submitted by Adam and Gaz)
The Guv, L2K and Ashbosh tell J-Bo about their recent night of watching documentaries based on Sinkholes which seemed to then start off a series of events involving Sinkholes. This subject goes off topic to include Global warming and landslides.

#8 – What is the most pointless everyday appliance? – (Submitted by Anonymous on 11th November)
Some weird suggestions of egg timers, watches, coffee machines and unique toilet roll holders and all given. Somehow the conversation quickly leads back to the guys trip to Amsterdam and how much they miss Stan.