Stashcast 83 – 0.A.Paedo – Show Notes

The guys are back after the Christmas festivities for another round of the podcast. J-Bo and Ashbosh rib Stan about this new found love of selfies.  The Guv tries to come up with a new idea for StanBlog but he doesn’t seem to like the idea.

#1 – If you were a character on Mortal Kombat, what would your finishing move be? – (Submitted on 11th November by Grayson)
Stan is relived the question wasn’t old person based. Stan and J-Bo get into a gaming argument about their game chat style.
#2 – If you had to attempt a world record what would it be and why? – (Submitted by@Grayson1985 via Twitter)
Some crazy and stupid ideas are thrown around for this one. One Man and his jar gets a mention from Stan much to the guy dislike.

#3 – Conor McGregor UFC Champ – (Submitted by Nigel)
After a discussion on how much he made during his last fight, The Guv asked the guys what they would do for £280,000 per second. Some disgusting suggestions are given for this to test how far people will go for money.

The guys have a quick look down memory lane about their favourite episode of 2015.

We would like to wish all our listeners a Happy 2016!