The Guv’s Guidance – #Naked4Ghana fundraiser

For this week’s Guvs Guidance I have decided to support a local charity who is looking to raise funds in order to supply children in Ghana with school supplies. The ideas behind it is to challenge someone you know to strip themselves of something they would struggle without in order to raise funds for charity.

It could be as little as asking someone to stop moaning for the day or make them go with Pokemon Go for 24 hours! Let’s face it, right not that would be a tough one!  Get creative and challenge someone today. We will each challenge ourselves on next weeks episode so keep a listen out

To find out some more about the charity, visit their just giving page here 

Here is more information on the fundraiser directly from the fundraising site.

Stripping our teaching bare to support SOS Schools in Ghana

WHEN: Saturday 1st October

WHERE: Venue TBC North East England

WHY: On October 15th 2016, Lisa Ashes and Gill Kelly will be travelling to the children’s SOS village in Ghana. This is part of the work provided by WWEP to improve education for those most in need. Lisa and Gill will be working with ten schools to support teachers and leaders in providing a high quality education to children who would otherwise have nothing.

If we can raise £2000 before we go, we will be travelling over with a container of school furniture that could create a learning space for 300+ children. Realising that over one million orphaned children in Ghana are in need of an education to get themselves out of poverty, this is only scratching the surface of what is needed. If you can do something then you should… so we are!

WHAT: In the spirit of Pedagoo, this event will be about teachers sharing ideas and classroom practice with teachers. We will be stripping bare teaching and learning of technology, spreadsheets and fancy resources to develop ideas for a place that have very little to work with. The ideas generated will not only be useful for our own schools but will be taken out to Ghana to create purposeful education for those most in need!

Can’t make the event but want to support our efforts all the same? You can get involved by going naked for Ghana! Give up something of your own for a day, a week, a month or longer and get sponsored to help us reach our goal. Upload your video diaries to let us know how you are getting on.