JBo’s Fun Facts – Pokemon Go

Hi everybody,

First of all apologies for my disappearance but you all be glad to hear I’m back (or maybe not). So I thought this week seeing as though the show this week was ‘Pokemon Go’ heavy, and that it’s basically took over the world, I’d share some facts and a few tips about the game that I’ve found so far. pokemon-go

Lets get the confession out the way, I’m addicted. It has really took over and has gotten to the point where I have bought a case that charges my phone so I can get more Pokemon catching done on an average day, but I love it.

So for those of you that don’t know Pokemon Go is actually based on another game. The game in question is ‘Ingress’ which is still available to download, I played it a long time ago and so did our very own Guv and even Ashbosh had a go. It was a game based on your location and you had to go to certain places, take them over for your team and level as you did it. Sound familiar? The only difference I can see between Pokemon Go and Ingress is that you didn’t catch Pokemon and train them. So yeah it wasn’t as good for the simple fact there wasn’t Pokemon.


In Pokemon Go its like playing the old game boy games again but with a modern and fresh feel, Ok granted you’re not going to the Pokemon league (yet?) but at the very start you get to choose your Pokemon. You get the original 3 to choose from Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. But what about Pikachu? Well according to a few sources I’ve seen if you walk away from the three starters you actually get Pikachu as a forth choice. Now if I had known this when I started playing I wouldn’t have picked Bulbasaur.

Now for some facts and figures:

Pokemon Go became the fastest mobile game to reach 10 Million downloads and it all happened in just 7 days and from what I’ve read it’s currently surpassed 30 million downloads in total. Last count that I had is that it was in 30 countries with still a lot of Asian countries yet to get it. Will it be the most downloaded mobile game ever? Well it’s already had more downloads than Tinder has ever had, in its  first 3 days!


Pokestop’s and Gyms are significant or historical places. this one seems REALLY obvious as it shows you a picture based on the place you’ve visited but even I was surprised by some of the places I didn’t know existed in my local area or by some of the history it gives you. Clearly walking around somewhere with more historic significance such as an old town or village is going to be way more beneficial than walking around a housing estate, so get out there and learn some history and catch some Pokemon!


Thats all for now but I’m sure I’ll be able to revisit Pokemon Go again in the future as the game is constantly getting cool news stories, and sometimes the occasional bad new story. If you’re playing don’t forget ‘Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware or your surroundings’

If you have anything you want me to find a fact about or maybe a cool fact filled story you’d like me to write about, let me know at jbo@stashcast.com. As always send all your suggestions for the show to suggestions@stashcast.com and don’t forget to download and subscribe to the show on iTunes and Android (it’s free!).