JBo’s Fun Facts – The Olympics Edition

JBo’s Fun Facts – The Olympics Edition

Hi everyone. So with the Olympics in full swing I figured I’d do some fact searching around the Olympic games. Here is some of what I found.Olympic Rings

Where do I start on something as huge as the Olympics?

Well I figured I’d start with the exceptional swimmer Micheal Phelps. I wanted to know how he pretty much just wins every event he is in? Well it turns out that he is built perfectly for his events. He is 6 foot 4 in height but his torso is one that would normally fit a person who is 6 foot 7. This might not sound like much but it makes a difference. As do his arms, these are also bigger (longer) than a person of his height should have, giving him some serious reach. Then you have his feet, Size 14 just like our very own Ashbosh. The difference is Phelps has is that he has double jointed ankles meaning he uses his feet like flippers. Finally the last fact I found was that most swimmers kick from their ribs down. Not Phelps, he has something called hyper-extension of joints meaning he kicks from his chest. Altogether this makes him the 23 time gold medallist he is. He is the Olympian with the most golds EVER. I think we can all agree is pretty impressive.

Micheal Phelps


Now when I think of the Olympic games I think of athletes who have trained for years and are gunning for gold. I don’t think of orgies and half a million condoms. That being said according to a few articles I’ve read the International Olympic Committee have issued 450,000 condoms to Olympic athletes. Now when you think that there is 11,000 athletes that makes a whopping 40 condoms each. Now you might say that this is just the IOC being careful but at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 they actually ran out of condoms! It doesn’t take too much googling and reading through reddit articles to see that orgies are a maybe but rampant sex is an almost definite.


Goodbye for now.

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