Jbo’s Fun Facts – POTUS, President Of The US

POTUS – President Of The United States


Hi everyone and welcome back to Fun Facts. So this week I figured with Trump and Clinton always in the news, I would do a post on POTUS and facts around some older presidents.

So as you can imagine there is 100s of facts to choose from seeing as there has been 44 POTUS.

Lincoln, Kennedy and the Assassins

Lincoln Shot

I figured I’d start with the facts and conspiracy that surround the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.So there is some I’d heard before and some I hadn’t. Lets take a look at these assassinated POTUS.

One I’ve heard before was that Lincoln was killed in the Fords theatre whereas Kennedy was killed in a Ford Lincoln. Ok I agree not that weird or out their, but interesting. Next was that both presidents were shot and killed by a gunshot to the head. On a Friday. While sat next to their wives. Yeah yeah I know, ‘surely they were normally sat next to their wives and of course they would have been shot from the back’.

I get it, you’re still not convinced its strange but how about that both POTUS had 7 letters in their surnames. or that both assassins had 15 letters in their whole names? Finally how about the fact that Lincoln’s assassin shot him in a theatre and was caught in a warehouse, whereas Kennedy’s shot from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre.

Some food for thought at least as there is a lot of connections for just coincidence, right?

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, Badass POTUS

Teddy Badass

Anyway, next we have Teddy Roosevelt. A POTUS that seems to have a few cool facts surrounding him. He was the youngest President, at 42. He was thrust into office when McKinley was assassinated. Both interesting little facts I think. But, did you know Teddy bears are named after Roosevelt. It all came about when he refused to kill a bear cub. Basically the story became the equivalent to a viral story of our day and age. Toy makers picked up on this and were inspired to name stuffed bears ‘Teddy bears’. Finally for Teddy, he was shot by a would be assassin while giving a speech. This didn’t stop or deter Teddy though, he just got back up and continued his speech. Pretty badass.

Clinton Vs Trump, First Female POTUS?

Trump vs Hilary

So finally I thought I would dig out some facts about Trump and Hillary. BUT I didn’t want to give Donald the satisfaction of having more publicity. As I cant stand the guy (hence why he doesn’t feature in the tags for this post at all!). However with him losing ground in recent weeks it does appear we will finally see the first female POTUS. So, Hillary actually tried to become a marine before she married Bill. The recruiter however rejected her on the basis she was too old, couldn’t see very well and was a woman :/. I wonder if he’s kind of regretting it now. She also sent a letter to NASA as a child asking how she could become as astronaut. The reply she got was woman couldn’t be astronauts. Seems astonishing that after all that rejection she might be the first female POTUS.

Goodbye for now


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Thanks for reading, hope you all have a good week.

See you next time, Jbo