Stanblog – Online dating

Hi guys,

Well its been a while and although I’m not the biggest blogger or fan of blogging in the world its worth doing it to stop the wrath of The Guv.

This weeks blog is about online dating and asking the question is it any good? I’ve recently signed up to the very well known site Plenty of Fish


and here are my initial thoughts. Its shit!!!


I’ve seen a lot of profiles and I see the same things all the time. Don’t message me about sex, don’t send me a message just saying hi and try and make your messages fun and random. I’ve taking this advice on board and what happens? you get no responses. I’d imagine there’s plenty of genuine men and women out there who it takes a lot to pluck up the courage to message someone so to not to get a response from someone even if its a polite “I’m not interested” can be soul destroying. Some would argue that I don’t have a soul as I’m ginger but it still feels bad. The one noticeable thing that makes me laugh is some of these ladies who say don’t message me just for sex have pictures of themselves with their boobs literally hanging out. Surely if you don’t want the pond life to message you then put some normal photo’s of yourself on!!! I know you shouldn’t have to but if you know these people exist then its certainly the one common sense way of minimising it.

You could argue that maybe I’m just boring and that could lead to having no replies. Because this could be possible we did a test. I gave my phone over to The Guv and we picked out a lovely lady together for her to send a message. The Guv spent a long time making sure the message was nice, friendly, none perverted and not the usual “Hi How’s things?”. We waited patiently for a response. As of writing this blog we’ve been waiting approximately 5 weeks for a response. I’m getting the impression that we won’t get one.

Now remember people. They aren’t really tits if you can’t see the nips