JBo’s Fun Facts – London


Hey everyone and welcome to another Fun Facts. This time I thought I’d do a bit of digging about London.

House or Palace?


So in a city as big and diverse as London where do I start? Well how about the House of Parliament. That’s there name right? Well yes and no. It’s also known as the Palace of Westminster and is actually the biggest palace in the land! Not that much of a fact, I’m sure any tour bus in London will tell you that.The reason it is on the river is so it could never be fully surrounded by a mob. But did you know that this palace has 8 bars? Or that it has 6 restaurants? Maybe that it has over 1000 rooms, a hair salon and a shooting range. Yeah it’s big we get it!

Staying with the palace. Did you know that it is illegal to die in the houses of parliament? I sure as hell didn’t! But you’ve guessed it, this is one of those ‘Ye Olde Laws’. Basically if you die in the palace of westminster you are entitled to a full state funeral. An expensive affair as you can imagine. So to combat people dying in there people would be carried out for looking sick or ill.

I fought the law, the law won


So sticking with strange laws I found a few. So first of all did you know it’s illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle? Well I’m guessing you did but maybe not the specifically, what the hell happens if its moving? It’s also illegal to beat a carpet in public, I assume because of how busy it is, surely?

Now this next one i really had to research when I first saw it. It is illegal to impersonate a Chelsea Pensioner. Now not being from London I thought what the hell does that even mean? As with the dying in westminster this law comes from a ‘Ye Olde Law’.From 1695 until 1955 all army pensions were paid from Chelsea. These veterans got paid and people would impersonated them for the payout, well this was frowned upon. It was punishable by death. Now a lot of the time this didn’t happen as appeals were out in and often accepted. But still….

Cock Lane

cock lane

Now as you can imagine for a city as big as London there is some unusual names for streets. Lets start with Cock Lane. Now you could argue that its name has something to do with poultry yeah? I mean a cock is a male chicken after all. However this street apparently got its name from being the only street licensed for prostitution in medieval times!

Funny street names (or unusual at least) include Ha Ha Road in Greenwich. Hooker’s Road in Walthamstow. Quaggy Walk in Blackheath. Cyclops Mews. Uamvar Street in Limehouse.

Some street names that no longer exist: Shiteburn Lane, Pissing Alley, and more than one Gropecunt Lane, which as the name might suggest, was associated with prostitution as well.

Goodbye for another week

That’s enough about London for now I think. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and as always please email me anything you’d like to see on here at Jbo@stashcast.com. Please send all suggestions to suggestions@stashcast.com or tweet us @stashcast. Download us from iTunes and Android every Monday, for FREE.


Take it easy listeners, JBo