Stanblog – Fat and Losing Weight

Stanblog – Fat Bastard and Losing Weight

Hi Guys, I want to tell you about my weight.

So I’m writing this whilst eating my lunch at 3am! A crazy time to be having lunch I’m sure you’ll all agree, but I’m a night shift worker. One thing I love being back working nights is that it has given me some extra time to think about life. What do I want from it? My biggest wish is to lose weight.

Losing the weight

I really want to shed the weight but its not as easy as that. Being large has its issues. Now I’m not talking for all larger individuals but I bet a lot of people feel the same as me. Feeling that you’re in a downward spiral. Start a diet. Then start to train. Realise how unfit you are. Then get depressed and go to the one thing you think that makes you happy.



If you think about it you’re taught this lesson from a very early age. When ever you hit your head or scraped your knee’s you would be given some sweets or crisps (Chips to our American friends) to make you feel better. I’m the first to admit that I’ve said hundreds of times “I’m starting a diet on Monday” but Monday never comes. I once said I was going to lose weight for charity and for every stone I lost, I was going to donate £10. After losing a Stone I managed to donate £10 but I was stuck again.

My Passion

To all you avid listeners of the show and the people that know me closely you know I play rugby. I had an 8 year lay off from the game due to tearing my groin but am I enjoying playing again? Its really tricky to answer. On one side I love playing the game, I love representing my home town club, I love playing with my team mates.


But……….I feel that I’m letting them and the club down. I don’t have the fitness like I had when I played back in my late teens to mid twenties. I’m not as strong and powerful as I was back then. I know how I can play and the level I can get to and just when I thought I was getting a little bit of that spark back I tore a muscle in my calf.

I’m all healed now but it puts you back into that mental spiral I’ve already mentioned. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not an unhappy person. I’m blessed to have great friends and a great family. My life is a lot better than some people in the world and I feel bad writing about stuff like this but I have to get it out of my system and start losing some weight.

Biggest Loser Time?

Biggest Loser

Now I’m going to tell you a story that not many people know about. After being injured playing rugby I stopped all exercise. I sat eating junk, drinking beer and being extremely unhealthy. Then I saw online that the British version of The Biggest Loser were looking for people to be on the second or third series of the show, and I applied. My memory is having to sit for ages going through a huge questionnaire asking why I wanted to be on the show. What my motivation was. Taking pictures of myself to prove how fat I was.

After a few days I was contacted by someone from the show to do a telephone interview and open my heart to a total stranger. That part for me was very difficult but it seemed to work. Within about a month I was called again and was told I was down to the last 20 people out of hundreds that applied for the show. I was invited to go meet the producer/director for an interview down at their offices in London. I was also told about the timescales I would potentially need off work and normal life to do the show and how much I would get paid by them as a weekly wage so I could still pay off my normal bills.


Obviously if you’re not working your company isn’t going to pay you. Those bills still need paying. This is where the dream faded. When you work for a large company they have preset rules and policies for all of their staff. When you’re asking for potentially 10 – 15 weeks none paid leave when you haven’t worked for that company for very long, chances are it’s going to be declined. I was left with the option, do I walk away from a good paying job and a happy place to work? Or do I give up the dream of changing my life for the better? Like a dick head I opted to give up the dream of losing the weight and stayed at work.


That led me to finally meet JBo………….

The answer?

So where do I go from here? I’ve said words before as already mentioned about losing weight but without actually thinking it but something seems to have changed. There’s lots of fad diets and thousands of fitness regimes that will all help in losing weight if you keep to them. I feel like I’ve researched them all . Then I came across a random video on Facebook for something called FreeLetics. Checking YouTube I found loads of videos made by normal people like me. Fat people, like me, starting this for the first time and then following their progress. These videos are inspiring. On top of that I played a club rugby game.


Now what is that you may ask. Generally a club has a first team and a second team. Some clubs have many more than that depending on the size of the club. A club game is where all players from all teams are welcomed to play in a friendly match against an opponent who will do the same. You get an insight on the level you have to get to, to be in that first team. I’m a proud second team player but I want to get to that fucking first team level.

No more excuses cause I’m sick to the back teeth of making excuses. I’m going to get to that level again, I’m going to do FreeLetics and I’m going to get rid of this fat arse. Its not going to be easy. FreeLetics tells you that its hard. It doesn’t bullshit you. You have to work hard to do it.

This is Stuart!

By the time you read this I would’ve already started and if you want me to blog about this and my progress then please let me know by commenting or tweet me @stuartldutd. This is not Stan from the Stashcast talking and joking around. This is Stuart, the guy who’s going to change his life.