Stanblog – Rant

Hi Everyone,

Was really stuck on what to write this week so I thought I’d do what I do best and just have a rant at anything and everything.


First off I have to question the new iPhone 7 that was announced this week. Great phone with great specs but I’m getting sick to the back teeth of being dictated to by such a large company as to what equipment I can use with it. They firstly did it with the lightning charging cable so all the charges you previously had or docking stations basically became useless without you paying more money for multiple adaptors. They’ve now decided they are going to do the same with headphones and removal of the headphone socket. Give me a genuine reason for the removal of this other than to make money? Greedy bastards is what they’ve become. They aren’t making the best device for the consumer. Its not even the best phone on the market place. So fuck you apple. Lucky for you I already have some bluetooth headphones.


My second rant is about going to the cinema and specifically having to watch all the adverts before actually seeing the film. I really don’t mind watching the trailers for upcoming films but why do I have to watch 20 minutes of adverts which are generally just shit. For example the shitty adverts for aftershave that make no sense what so ever. All it makes me want to do is not buy the product in question. Car adverts have become the same. It costs a lot of money to go watch a film these days and as such I feel like they’re just wasting my time.

Rant over