Jbo’s Fun Facts – Assassin Groups of the World

Assassin Groups of the World

Hi everyone, welcome to the go to blog for random facts. This week I thought I would pay homage to Stan and the assassin of Richmond North Yorkshire and do a blog on assassins.


Assassin Groups

Now this weeks blog might not be fun, as in haha, but I’m hoping it’ll be interesting enough to keep you all coming back and reading.

So, assassins, I mean I’m sure most people think they’re pretty cool based on what we have seen from movies and video games. Come on who didn’t like the assassins creed game(s)? Especially the first one!

Anyway I thought I’d focus on assassin groups and the impact they’ve had in history.

Murder Inc.


First we’ve got Murder Inc. Pretty badass name yeah? Anyway these guys operated in the 1930’s and 40’s. They were the ‘enforcement arm’ of the Italian American mafia, Jewish mob and other organised crime groups in New York. The group of assassins were mainly gangsters themselves from Brooklyn and east New York in general. Headed up by Albert ‘The Mad Hatter’ Anastasia they are thought to be responsible for between 400-1000 killings.

They were based out of a Brooklyn candy shop and had many members. The most prolific according to historians was Harry Strauss who was attributed to over 100 killings (although some think the actual number was closer to 500). They used various weapons for the assassinations they committed but the signature weapon was the Ice Pick. They got a salary and bonuses for killings, their families got monetary benefits as well. If any of them were caught the gang would hire the best lawyer money could buy to save them jail. As you can imagine these guys mainly ended up getting killed although some were jailed and Murder Inc. died out as an assassin group.

Nokmim nokmim

Next up we have the Nokmim or Nakam group. These guys were a group of Jewish Militia setup after world war 2. These guys meant business and after the war wanted to avenge all the Jews killed by Hitler. This is where their name came from as its Hebrew for ‘Avengers’. Now as most of us know the Nazi regime killed 6 million Jews and the Nokmim wanted to pay this back by killing 6 Million former German soldiers, starting with the SS.

One of their plans was to kill a group of former SS guards by poisoning 3000 loaves of bread, the plot was foiled and the group were unable to execute the plan. However this didn’t stop them, they had a plan B. This time they planned poisoning a different load of loaves (3000 again) which were for a group of 15,000 German PoW’s. This time it worked, using arsenic they manager to poison 2,283 prisoners. It was reported that 207 were seriously ill and later reported that 300-400 Germans actually dies. The group said this was nowhere near the figure they had wanted to kill. They had spread the poison to thinly meaning it had a reduced effect.

Finally, years later the group were investigated, however the public prosecutor’s office, within the higher regional court at Nuremberg, stopped the preliminary investigation of attempted murder. In May 2000 two Nakam activists, who professed to have involvement in the incident had their trial and the investigation as a whole suspended.


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