The Guv’s Guidance – Share Your Stories

After many blogs about some amazing charities I am feeling it’s time to look further afield for other amazing things to share with you guys.

This is where you guys, our amazing listeners come in. If you have a story or fundraising event going on which you would like to share with the world, email us or comment below.

I am a huge believer in sharing the good deeds done for the world. I have recently discovered my work have taken an idea I have to complete a reverse advent calendar to donate to the local food bank around Christmas time. Something simple as collecting some basic supplies for a family or person struggling in a time of need can really make a difference.

Doing all these blogs has made me realise I am turning into the Ms Geist from Clueless…. for those of you too young to have seen the movie (as that is the only excuse I will allow you to have! ) Here she is!