The year was 2005.. Oh at least we think it was.

Ashbosh and Stan The Man first met in a call centre in the North East of England. Since that faithful day they have been most disorderly together wherever they end up. People describe their encounters by likening them to when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object!

Often venturing around the UK to see bands live and being accompanied by Ashbosh’s wife and keeper of the sacred “Stashbox”, the Guv’nor herself… Minimosh. They all share a fathomless bond lasting the ages!

Sharing a common interest of rock/metal music, pro wrestling and gaming they decided it would be a cool idea to record some of their conversations to share with the world…. The Stashcast was born May 17th 2014!

Not long after the show began it started to rapidly grow in popularity. This was a surprise to all the crew members as it was set out only for close family and friends. One of the shows friends J-Bo (known then only as Jamie) wanted to come and record an episode.

It only took one night, but after the first recording with the now named J-Bo, the crew knew they were all meant to be together to take the show forward. Attempting to release one show a week, the Stashcast is climbing higher in the iTunes podcast rankings every day with the help from you!

All the crew wish to thank everyone who has helped them become a credible choice of podcast to the casual and hardcore podcast fan alike! Without you we are nothing, all your suggestions are most appreciated. If you have a topic of conversation, or something you wish to be on the show please email anything over to suggestions@stashcast.com