If you listen to the show and hear us say a word and do not understand what on Earth we are talking about, we have probably got a link to it here so you can find the meaning of what we are saying. If you do not see a word and wish us to add it here please contact us by getting in touch with us from the Social Media page


Beamish : A North East England attraction. It is an open plan olden day museum

Bell End : A term used to describe the end of a mans penis (the glans)

Biff : A word used by people to call someone a fool or an idiot. More polite than the term dickhead. Will mostly be used by Ashbosh and Stan

Bird : This is another word used for woman or girl. For example, “Check out that sexy bird”

Boner : A slang word for a male erection

Chebs : A slang word used for a females breasts, Stan uses this word ALOT

Feeding the Horse : Term used to describe a man playing with a womans naughty bits.

Fondle : Stroke or caress lovingly or erotically

Hellish : A word used to say something is crazy or cool/messed up

Jam Rag : A word used to describe a tampon, or a women’s used sanitary towel. A rancid horrible word used by all the men on the Stashcast!

Meff : A word used for a person who looks like a mess. A Scruffy person, more than likely unemployed but not always. Can be used to describe someone who does not wear popular clothing brands. This has been used by J-bo and Ashbosh to describe their hair in their youth.

Meme : An Internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet.

Mint : A word used instead of cool or awesome

Mong : What happens to you when you have too much weed

Mush : A term used to describe someone. Much like dude, or mate, or homie. Used by Ashbosh.

Nads : A term used instead of the word balls. So this is a word to describe the male testicles

Nilf : Nana I’d like to fuck/have sexual intercourse with

Nimble : Quick, light, or agile in movement or action

Noshed Off : To receive a blow job from a lovely female

Pleb : Used to insult someone. Mostly used to describe an absolute idiot.

Ragger : A homeless person, or someone who dresses in very low value clothes and is usually mucky

Red Ross : A reference to the Friends character Ross…. who uses the phases Red Ross to describe himself when he is angry and motivated

Scrote : A slang word used for the scrotum

Silly-On : A slang term for an erect penis

Spazz : Overly excited and very annoying

Spud gun : A little gun shaped object that you stick into a potato, and it cuts out a bullet shaped projectile which you can shoot out. These things used to be painful back when Stan and Ash were kids.

Tard : A shortened word used by Stan in his political correctness to label a person with a disability or as another word for “retard”

Tuppence : A word used by Ashbosh to describe a vagina

Virile : Having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive

Windupedness : Coined by J-Bo to describe how he must keep up being annoying to the Guv’nor when he is at work because Ashbosh is not there to do so.